NT-proBNP Rapid Test

NT-proBNP Rapid Test

Short Description:


Specification:1 test/kit;5 tests/kit;10tests/kit;20tests/kit;25tests/kit;

30 tests/kit; 40 tests/kit; 50 tests/kit

Clinical Significance:diagnosis of heart failure; identification of dyspnea

Performance Parameter:Sample:serum/plasma/whole blood

Sample dosage:100 μl

Linear range:30.00pg/mL-30000.00pg/mL

LOD:<300.00 pg/mL

Detection time( min):15min

Applicable Department: Chest pain center, emergency department, cardiology department, ICU/CCU, etc

Supporting Instruments:PMDT9000;PMDT9100

Product Detail

Intended Use

NT-proBNP is an inactive N-terminal fragment of brain natriuretic peptide precursor (pro-BNP) that has a longer and more stable half-life than BNP, and its concentration can reflect the release of newly synthesized rather than stored BNP for a short period of time, and therefore more reflective of the activation of the BNP pathway. Plasma NT-proBNP levels increase with the severity of heart failure.

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