To the world, to the overseas market! PMDT at Medlab 2023!

Medlab Middle East, the global exhibition, held on February 6 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE. Pro-med debuted at Medlab with POCT and thromboelastogram product lines, which received extensive attention and affirmation from the audience, demonstrating the strength of Made in China to overseas customers further.

————Pro-meds debut in Overseas Market ————

Pro-med participated in the Medlab exhibition for the first time, bringing multi-scenario solutions such as thromboelastography, POCT products and respiratory pathogen joint detection reagents. In order to better grasp this opportunity, Pro-med carefully prepared and arranged the booth, hoping that more products can be exchanged and learned from the international platform. Although it is the “new face” in Medlab, Pro-med’s products has attracted the attention of many overseas merchants at the exhibition, and they have stopped to watch and consult. Our staff also introduced the equipment and demonstrated it in operation.

————Attractive Thromboelastogram Unveiling————

The CWPS8800 multi-channel thromboelastogram (thromboelastogram) displayed on Medlab

. Pro-med’s thromboelastogram platform has always been favored by customers in the domestic market. The thromboelastogram exhibited as a new product at Medlab has also attracted much attention, and many overseas customers have become very interested in the thromboelastogram device, and said that they will continue to pay attention and hope to cooperate!

The staff introduced: “The new product exhibited by Pro-med this time, the multi-channel thromboelastogram, greatly reduces the cumbersome steps of the user in operation, reduces the error in the experiment, and improves the detection efficiency. Pro-med will continue to strive to provide customer with more useful testing equipment and reagents on the way of research and development. ”

————POCT platform suitable for Multi-scenario————

Promed exhibited the fluorescent platform of POCT series and the respiratory joint examination project of colloidal gold platform, which won unanimous praise from people at the exhibition site!

PMDT9000Fluorescence immunochromatography analyzer (PMDT9000) diagnostic items cover a wide range of items: hormones, healthcare testing, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular testing, tumor markers, infectious diseases and other testing items; It can adapt to a variety of testing scenarios: clinical, laboratory, ICU, emergency center and other application scenarios; The variety of models can be adapted to terminal hospitals at all levels: it can not only meet the needs of rapid testing in graded hospitals, but also be applied to comprehensive detection and diagnosis in community and rural medical institutions.

Since obtaining the NMPA certificate and officially listed, the fluorescence platform has been widely used in various scenarios such as grassroots and emergency with its wide application range and rapid detection results, and the sense of experience has been consistently praised. At this exhibition, many customers recognized PMDT9000 as well.

Medlab is a great opportunity for Pro-med, a fresh start, and an important start for expanding overseas markets. With the continuous improvement of global medical standards, people have a deeper understanding and higher attention to diagnosis and treatment. This is our first step, overseas market has a long way to go, after that we will continue to move forward, through international exchanges, to expand better products to overseas, improving technologies, improved health.

Post time: Feb-09-2023