About Pro-med (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd.

Established in Beijing, 2013, Pro-med has been qualified as National High-tech Enterprise based on professional IVD detecting service, which contains instruments and agents of POCT, coagulation and molecular diagnosis.

With deep concern about public healthcare and clinical demands, Pro-med develops different PMDT qualitative/quantitative analysis systems for diseases diagnosis such as respiratory pathogens detecting, bacteria/virus infection distinguishing, AMI & HF managing, gastric system disorder, low health level and series of common infectious diseases rapid testing.

As for clinical coagulation analysis, Pro-med provides an easy but clear solution by CWPS thrombelastograph, which could evaluate coagulation capacity through progress of thrombin activation, fibrin formation, platelet aggregation and fibrinolysis. Besides, a real-time coagulation graph could also be auto-drawn to visualize these progresses in the final report.

May the Pro-med products deliver pleasant experiences by accurate diagnosis, convenient operation and professional services to all users and clients!


Post time: Oct-18-2022